5 Free WordPress Backup Plugins That Will Save Your Site to the Cloud

There is a lot of threat lurking around your site. Whether it’s hackers, bots, or even a simple typo in some text, that can spell doom for your site. So how can you keep things safe and secure? By using backup plugins right? WordPress has an inherent security protection built into the software itself. When you publish any post or page on your blog, it is stored as an entry in the WordPress database. Additionally, every time you publish something on your site, an auto-update process is triggered to update the entries in the WordPress database.

This helps prevent anyone from viewing unpublished content on your site by preventing them from accessing it directly via a web browser. However, if someone hacks your site and tries to access unpublished posts or pages without authenticating themselves first (by reading their password), they might be able to view that information if they have access to the same place.

A Word About Security

Obviously, you want to make sure that your blog is safe and secure. But, let’s be real, you can’t be completely paranoid. There are people out there that just want to mess with your shit. But, you can do a couple things to protect your site and keep weirdos out. First of all, make sure you have a good web server. I know they are dirt cheap, but they are worth their weight in gold when it comes to security. Invest in a good web server and you’ll be so much safer. You can also keep a close eye on your site. Keep an eye on what you are publishing and what you are linking to. If you see anything that you don’t recognize, get rid of it immediately. Finally, make sure you update your WordPress software. There have been a ton of WordPress vulnerabilities in the last year and it is so easy for hackers to get into your site. An outdated WordPress install is a hacker’s best friend! Make sure you keep it up to date.

Back Up Plugin: Make sure you have a backup of your site

The first thing you should do is make sure you have a backup of your site. You’ll never know what might happen to your computer or one of your hard drives. You can easily set up a backup plugin on your website and leave it up to the WordPress software to backup your posts and pages automatically. That way, even if your computer crashes or you mess something up, you can simply restore your site. NOTE: Make sure to set up your WordPress backup plugin before you publish your first post. This will allow WordPress to create a backup of your site on its own and then you can simply go back and delete the published post. This way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of publishing something and then backing it up again!

One Click Backup: Automatically backup your site to the cloud

The next plugin you should try is a plugin that automatically backs up your site to the cloud. What is the cloud? The cloud is essentially a server that you can access from anywhere. So, if your hard drive crashes or your computer gets stolen, you can simply log into the cloud and access your website there. That way, you can easily get another computer or hard drive in a matter of seconds. With a backup plugin like this one, you can choose how often the backup is created. You can set it up to backup your site once per week or you can set it up to backup your site every day. The best thing is that you can take your backup to the cloud on a schedule so you aren’t stuck doing it when you have time.

WP-DB-Backup: Backup your database to the cloud

The next plugin is a plugin that allows you to backup your database to the cloud. Your database holds all of your posts, pages, comments, and other information about your site. If your computer crashes or someone steals your computer, this is the part that gets lost. Thankfully, you can find a plugin that allows you to backup your database to the cloud so you can easily restore your site from there. The best part about this plugin is that you can set up a schedule to backup your database to the cloud. Then, if there is a disaster or your computer crashes, you can simply log into the cloud and get your site back up and running in seconds.

Square You Might Not Need To Protect Site From Hackers But Good To Have An In Case!

Okay, we’ll be real, this one is just for the professionals. If you are running a highly secure and confidential site, you might want to consider a plugin that prevents hackers from gaining access to your site. This plugin prevents hackers from accessing your sites using brute force attacks by not letting them try to access your site 50 times before they are stopped. So if someone is trying to hack into your site, they will be stopped after only 10 tries. Brute force attacks are when hackers try every possible login or password on your site until they are able to access it. This plugin will make it so that hackers need to use a certain amount of effort to try to hack into your site.

Final Words

You can protect your website from hackers by updating your software and installing backup plugins on your WordPress site. You can also make sure your website is password protected and secure by creating complex passwords and keeping them secret. Hackers can compromise your site if they gain access to your computer. You can also use a WordPress backup plugin to automatically back up your site.

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