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Google Discover is news and articles that you see only in the Google search app on your mobile or tablet. Google Discover focuses on unique Google rich results such as news, articles, ads, videos, and live sports scores. This is relatively new for SEO but I’ve seen good results in Google Discovery campaigns for some advertisers

Google Discover is a Google-managed feed for delivering articles and videos on mobile devices. Content provided to users is personalized through searches and related articles. Users also have the option to further customize what they see in their feed by following the topics that interest them.

Google Discover Memes

Google Discover Feed is a very good feature from Google, it’s a news page according to interests. It is placed on the top left side of the home screen on smartphones with a stock Android user interface. Other smartphones can find it in the Google app in the app drawer.

This app is useful when you want to know what is going on in the world of “your” interests. There are many ways that allow you to customize the Google Discover feed to get the unique news you want. Here are some tips to help you customize the Google Discover feed on your way.

Memes on Google Discover

How to pursue interests

You can add more items to the feed by following them through a short search.

1. Open the Discover page on your phone.

2. Search for the topic you are interested in on the Discover page.

3. On the search page, you will see the following button.

4. Press the follow button and that interest will be added to your Discover feed.

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If you do not want to follow news of particular interest, you can easily follow it.

1. Open the Google Discover page and switch to the More tab.

2. Select Settings from there, and then go to Interest.

3. On the interests page, you will see all the items that you followed. You can stop following them by pressing the button in the Anfa next to it.

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How to change the frequency of interests

If your Discover feed is almost spammed with related content, you can change the frequency of specific interest.

1. Open the Google Discover Feed and scroll down to the news you want to see less often.

2. Press the frequency button between the share and the three-dot button.

3. Press more or less according to your need and the feed will adjust accordingly.

How to turn off Google Discover

If you want to completely disable the Google Discover feature, you can do so from those settings as well. Follow the steps below.

1. Open the Google Discover feed on your phone and switch to the More tab.

2. Go to Settings> General and disable the Discover toggle from there.

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