1TB Free Cloud Storage Google Big Relief

A big relief for the Google users, who are using the workspace, Google is going to release the 1TB storage, which is a complete extension from 15GB to 1 TB now. As per the official sources, Google has verified and is ready to release the Google update in the next couple of weeks.

If you are facing Gmail storage is nill until the 15GBm, now no need to worry, it will be extended to the 1TB storage. Further details and storage updates will be rollout soon. The details are available on the official Google announcement portals.

1TB Free Cloud Storage Google

This update includes Google one, Workspace, Cloud storage, and G drive storage. This is important for all over the world users, who are waiting for the same update.

As per the update, Google not going to charge the price until the 1 TB storage ful..

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