Is Aliexpress Legit and Safe to Buy (Reddit)

Whether to use the Chinese shopping giant that is used worldwide or not?

Aliexpress – A popular online store

An e-commerce website that allows shoppers from over 200 countries to purchase items from wholesale retailers. Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba, a Chinese multinational technology company whose founder is a famous personality Jack Ma, and is based in China.

Why it is cheap?

You are given the facility to buy the products directly from the manufacturers which ultimately reduces the product cost. The prices are competitive because most of the Aliexpress sellers are overseas manufacturers. It also supports the small businesses of China to sell their products worldwide. Also, the production cost in China is way cheaper than that in other countries. Many products are not branded or are from small brands and that’s why they are cheap but is not that they are bad actually their quality is not as good to satisfy many buyers. You’ll find products ranging from apparel to tech-related gadgets.

Also, it is noticed that the Chinese electronics gadgets(e.g. mobiles, speakers etc.) are cheaper than those of other countries.

Is it safe?

The store was founded in 2010. And from then it is used worldwide.

It is trusted among buyers and because of this it is still widely used.

So we can say that it is reliable.

Sometimes the reliability is affected by the shipping company which the buyers select. As products are arriving from far away there are chances that they mess up. Also, chances of products being caught up in customs and nobody has control over it neither the seller nor you although they are completely reliable.

If you find any product defective or received the wrong product then also Aliexpress is safe as it provides shoppers with refunds on products that are damaged or arrived late. Full refunds will be provided if an order does not reach on time estimated by the seller. They will receive a refund within 15 days. A partial refund will be given if the product does not match the product description list and the buyer has the choice to return and get a full refund or to keep it while receiving partial funds.

Aliexpress provides a buyer protection program to alleviate the risk of monetary loss to the buyers. The seller can solve the issue informally and if it is not resolved informally, the buyer can contact Aliexpress support. Now if the issue is resolved in the buyer’s favour, the amount will be refunded within 15 days.

 8 things to keep in mind while buying goods

#1Correct account details

First, you need to sign-up or log in by providing the correct information for proper facilitation of service.

#2 Choose products wisely 

Check the reviews of the product from the buyers in recent months and analyse the positive and negative points. You will find the reviews under the review tab of customers. Also, the products which have zero reviews that do not mean they are bad. But I would prefer to take no risk when buying expensive items. Also more the number of buyers more the product is reliable and you can filter those types of products.-

#3 Choose trusted sellers

Check about the sellers which are selling for quite some time and who received positive feedback from buyers. By analysing their profile you can identify whether they are trustworthy and reliable or not. You can check the percentage of negative feedback they got and choose according to that. Look at their ratings and all other information which is visible in their profile.

#4  Read products descriptions

Useful information is given in descriptions. Do not order the item without checking its details section. Read the item details, features, and compatibility of the product to identify whether it is fake or original. Questions related to the shipping, refunds etc. are also answered there.

#5 Be cautious for a super low price item

When the price of an item is too low compared to its real value, it will be better to avoid such items.

#6 Choose the appropriate Shipping mode

For free shipping, you can choose China post registered air mail that takes a long time to arrive. There is also a risk that the item may be received broken or even not reach the destination. So for expensive items avoid free shipping and use decent shipping services(DHL, EMS etc.) for high valued goods.

#7 Payment method

You can use a visa card, master debit and credit card while using a master card you will not receive any OTP i.e. the amount is directly deducted from your bank account. Do not worry as it uses the Alipay portal which is secured and which has no reports of fraudsters or hackers gaining users’ financial information.

#8 Open a dispute only after receiving the items

Aliexpress allows its buyers to dispute a transaction. If you are not satisfied with the purchased products or if the items received after the delivery date, then you have one chance to dispute a transaction so do not waste it before receiving the product.

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