The Influence Of Apple Mac In The Computer Industry

For an eastern European person who is familiar with computers, to see an Apple Macintosh is not an everyday chance. If you happen to see one, you will probably presume that the owner is a rich person or a highly skilled IT professional with special preferences or a collector of technical stuff, willing to be admired for his tastes. Even if Apple Mac is a frequently used computer brand in the USA, for most people from Eastern Europe it is just an inaccessible premium brand at the moment.

Statistically, in the evolution of IT and communications market, Apple Macintosh is positioned on the third place of USA market, behind Dell occupying the 2nd place and HP owning the first place. The perspective seems to be a good one; the difference between the second quarter’s sells in year 2010 and the third quarter’s sells of the same year is 24 percent plus and 33 percent more than the third quarter of year2009. These results could mean that Apple Macintosh found the right path to a greater success.  Yet the world statistical dates do not look so good for Apple Mac, the company is far enough from the podium.

Even an IT journalist, who has seen most of the extraordinary products of the last years, will just remain out of words watching the new aluminum shell of Apple Mac Book Air whose thickness is between 3 and 17 mm or the new laptop acting like a smart phone.

On the other side, the gossipy rivals will always sustain that too much time is needed to learn how an Apple Mac computer works. If you want to be malicious about Mac you will just have to say an incontestable fact:  Apple sells more iPods then Macs. Yet Apple Mac dominates the top of the most satisfied clients for the 7th consecutive year.

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